Your Primer to Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions

Author: J. Blake Peart

Exit Planning, Healthcare Sectors
How Strategic Partners Elevate Revenue Cycle Management Companies 

Over the past several years, we've seen a rapid rise in the number of new healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) companies, existing companies launching RCM divisions, and transactions involving RCM companies. All three developments are tied to the greater demand for RCM services.

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Healthcare Sectors, Market Trends
When Is It Time for an ASC To Consider a Strategic Partner?

The ambulatory surgery center (ASC) market is changing rapidly. Surviving in the current market is no longer as simple as meeting the needs of the community you serve. Competition among ASCs is now measured through a litmus test of strength based on collateral along with quality standing. These are now the deciding factors that determine winners and losers in the market.

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Exit Planning
Underappreciated Key to Healthcare Acquisition Success: Staff Retention

Acquisitions are increasingly a way of life in the healthcare industry. Yet one of the most essential factors for achieving success following a sale that is sometimes never discussed or only brought up toward the end of the transaction is staff retention.

Why is retention so important? Before we can answer this question, it's helpful to gain an understanding of how acquisitions may be perceived and experienced by a healthcare organization's staff.

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