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Market Trends
What "Eyelash Lengthening" At Minute Clinic Has To Do With You

The Minute Clinic and similar operations across the US are evidence of the rapid retailing of healthcare.  As a result of this accelerating and disruptive innovation, I can receive treatment for a wide range of issues while I pick up a prescription and a birthday card.  Other options include behavioral healthcare at one of the urgent care centers seemingly accessible on every corner.  You cannot escape it.

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Has The Sky Fallen? 4 Great Reasons To Invest In DME

While the world of durable medical equipment (DME) has experienced more than one random acorn via competitive bidding and related market turbulence, there remain tremendous opportunities for those than can see beyond self-imposed despair and false conclusions.

Here are four reasons that you may want to consider as you look for potential DME investments.

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Market Trends
6 Best Practices Of The New M+A

The healthcare market is as active as it has ever been in our lifetime.  Consolidation pressures, pent up baby boomer desires to transition, and the continued emergence of private equity group (PEG) interests have created significant international attention on the US healthcare environment.

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Market Trends
Virtual + Transparent: 4 Ways To Improve Your Bottom Line

A silver lining of the Great Recession has been the re-focus of many businesses on what really drives their success. In many healthcare businesses, especially those planning for a transition or future diversification, this has become even more important. One thing we have learned is the following: not everything we think is important really is necessary. In addition, we now understand that the marriage of virtual and transparent is a very powerful relationship.

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